Monday, September 12, 2011

He Had Such a Quiet Eyes ( Form 5 )

Summary of Poem

The poem consist of three stanzas. It is about a weak woman who's attracted to a man who's not good for her. The man is insincere in his intention and only wants to have fun with her. However, she didn't realize this. To her he had such 'quiet eyes' which were breathing 'desolate sighs'. In fact, his eyes 'were two pools of lies'. The woman had been advised about the deceitful man but she did not listen to it. She's been fooled by the man's eyes and would not see his true colour. The poem ends with words of advice to readers. They are reminded to realise other people's real intention. This is because people's bad intentions are hidden by their looks, facial features and expressions. They appear to be sincere and nice but actually have bad motives.TOO BAD.

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